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Help Them

The idea of Help Them came up on one of my trips to South Africa, it is not an NGO, nor is it a humanitarian project or anything like that. Just on one of those trips I began to feel that I, with my own hands, and without help, could do my bit to make a better world. As I did? Very simple, the SURF !!

Surfing has given me countless experiences, values and feelings. I have had the opportunity to travel, know cultures, countries and people .. and felt the need to return part of this through Help Them.

The first years I used my surfaris to South Africa to bring some material and wetsuits to Tom and collaborate with his project. The following year I had the opportunity to learn more about your project and how to take children out of the street to educate them and have the possibility of having a better future.

This made me get involved and value both what I have and everything I had experienced and known thanks to surfing. From that trip my donation was growing every year.

This year I have taken a big step for myself and I have included another of my passions, the animals and especially the dogs. Through my school, LR surf school, I have made a series of raffles for surf courses and 100% of the benefits have gone to a local dog guard.

The idea of Help Them is to continue taking small steps in a humble way to make a better world.